Our experts have dealt with hundreds if not thousands of Autographed Memorabilia worldwide and have been used by Auction Houses and many Autograph companies to authenticate their items.


We are experts in the Music field and have one of the most professional experiences of authentication in the UK

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1: Authenticated Autographs for Auction Houses



2: Authenticated Autographs for Major Autograph Dealers



3: Authenticate Autographs before going on Autograph Show's



4: We have also helped in closing down a few well known forgers with help of UACC.

George Harrison Authentic Autograph
Jimi Hendrix Authentic Autograph
John Lennon Authentic Autograph

Music Autograph Authentication Services

Lead Authenticator: Mr Greig McArthur (Expert in Bruce & Brandon Lee and all Music Memorabilia)

Registered dealer of the UACC.



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